What to Look for in Your Dubai Maintenance Contract

If you are a business managing a property, home, or office space, you will need your regular maintenance work to make sure that your property does not encounter serious maintenance problems like broken pipes, electricity failures, HVAC malfunctions and other related issues. In order to get the best Dubai maintenance contract, you have to know what to look for in the contract when you ask for it from different maintenance companies.

First, when checking your Dubai maintenance contract, you want to see the period covered for that specific contract. Some companies may accept a shorter trial period for their services but most will more likely offer you a one-year contract with them. This is to ensure that it would be worth it for them to allot their resources to you and prioritize your business. Not all companies have a lot of people like technicians and carpenters working for them and often they need to service a lot of households and offices, so by securing a one-year Dubai maintenance contract with your business, they already know that they should dedicate their team to your needs. A shorter period may not be so attractive to them because they know they don’t have you for a long period so why put all their resources on stand-by for your business?

Also, when you get a one-year contract, often the maintenance companies providing essential maintenance Dubai services will already give you a discount compared to if you only book for a short period. That is meant to attract more customers into signing up for a one-year contract.

If you are not yet sure about the maintenance company you want to hire, you can opt for a shorter period for the contract and then write there a clause specifying that you can automatically renew if you are happy with the service.

Second, a good Dubai maintenance contract should also contain information about the annual price quote you should pay the maintenance company. This should include all service fees, taxes, and other miscellaneous fees in order to make it the most convenient mode of payment for you. Imagine if you sign up for something thingking that you are paying X-amount and then realize all of a sudden that there are so many hidden charges! That would totally set back your business plus cause unnecessary stress on your part because all of a sudden you find out that you need to pay so much more than what was quoted to you.

Finally, make sure when signing your Dubai maintenance contract that all the services you want to be covered are detailed on the document. That means all major maintenance work like HVAC, electricity, plumbing, and other minor works that you might want. This is a must because you have to know the price of each maintenance service and see if they are competitive compared to other companies. You also want to do this detailed services just to make sure that if the company says you are not covered for such services, then you have proof that you did order those services on your contract.