What to Expect in Dubai Crossfit Gyms

If you have been thinking of getting into Crossfit, then there are some things you need to know about Dubai Crossfit Gyms so that you don’t get shocked once you enter them. This sounds like something you should be afraid of, but it’s more like something you should understand so that you know the difference of Crossfit to traditional gyms.

For starters, if you are used to going to traditional gyms and seeing a lot of different types of machines to help you exercise, there will be very few (if not, none at all!) of those once you go to Crossfit Dubai gyms. Why is this? Well, because there is just no need for lots of exercise machines in Crossfit. One of the main differences between Crossfit and traditional gyms is that the exercises are almost all body weight-driven, meaning you don’t need exercise machines to help you exercise! This can be quite puzzling for most people who are used to just using the machines in their gym and have become so reliant in them for doing their workouts.


If you go to a Dubai Crossfit gym, be ready instead to see lots of moveable equipment and even everyday stuff like tires, blocks, boxes, etc. These are the usual equipment that Crossfitters use in their exercises. You can also see barbells, ropes, and kettle bells that are mostly used for the routines. If you are not so sure how to properly use the Crossfit equipment, you can always ask the coach or fitness trainer in you group so that you can properly execute the workout for the day using the equipment.


Another thing to know when doing Crossfit Dubai is that your Crossfit gym is not actually called a gym but a “box”. The reason is that you don’t really see any of those facilities commonly found in a traditional gym such as a sauna, lounge, entertainment area, etc. No such amenities in a Crossfit “box” because it is just an empty space, sort of like a huge garage where the people can all gather and execute the exercises for the day. No fancy work, no need for sitting on a couch and drinking iced tea! So if you thought that you can go to a Crossfit box and start relaxing, then you are in the wrong place. You are better off in a traditional gym where the pressure is not that hard on actually exercising and not socializing!


Finally, if you are going to go to a Crossfit Dubai box, it’s best to be prepared with some basics like a good set of change for clothes because you care going to sweat hard—probably like you have never sweat before in your life! Bring lots of water or you can check with your Crossfit box if they provide free water already at the location so you don’t need to actually bring water, just your water jug. And don’t forget your towel and very comfortable exercise outfil so you can follow along smoothly in class.